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Working with an autistic child can bring some challenges in everyday life and learning. However, there are some specific actions you can follow to see a more successful outcome with your child. Here are some recommendations to help you provide the best care and learning for your autistic child.

Provide a Safe and Positive Environment

One of the most important things you can do for your child is to provide them a safe environment where they can live to help them make improvements and learn. Inside your home, you can establish a safe zone where they will be able to go to get away from a stressful situation or stressors that are triggered by outside elements, so they can take some time to relax. 

It is also helpful to provide positive reinforcement on a regular basis to your child. When your child with autism constantly receives negative reinforcement for improper actions, it can have an effect on their emotional health. Try to maximize the amount of positive reinforcement to them, therefore constantly reinforcing the behaviors and responses that are favorable.

Set Up a Daily Routine

Your autistic child will need a routine that is consistent and reliable, which will help them feel more safe and protected. Set up a daily schedule that you follow in order from when they wake up in the morning until they go to bed. Continue this routine through the weekend, which you may have to establish a more full-day routine for when they are not in school. 

Add in a routine each day where they can get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and go to school or do school work at home. If you want to establish a playtime, set this up, for example, after lunch and naps, if they are a preschool-age child. Try to stick with this schedule each day, which will reinforce your child's consistency and help improve their good behaviors. Make a time every day for each activity so your child knows what to expect next and nothing catches them by surprise. When they are surprised by a new event, it can cause confusion and stress that may end up in, for example, an emotional meltdown. 

If you have something that interferes with your daily schedule and is unavoidable, despite your efforts to avoid the disruption, you can make the experience more successful. Let your child know in advance of the change in their schedule. Talk about it with them and what it will mean as a change in their day. Talk about what you and they will do before the change in schedule and what will happen after. You can also talk about how they will handle the schedule disruption to get a more helpful response from their attitude.

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3 December 2021

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